SMSF & Tax Planning

As a registered tax (financial) adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board (Reg 24837110) Frances Hesse undertakes to provide clients with a better understanding of the tax implications of their financial strategies.

We also provide SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Funds) establishment services and co-ordinate ongoing investment portfolio reviews as well as annual tax and compliance reporting requirements.

Our licensed financial planners can provide advice on existing as well as proposed SMSFs and compare to your existing superannuation fund(s) as well as a range of alternate superannuation funds to determine if an SMSF is an appropriate option for you.

Before establishing a SMSF you should consider:

  1. Can you legally set one up?
  2. Who can be a trustee?
  3. Do you have the skills and time to manage it yourself and keep up to date with changes?
  4. Is it cost effective?
  5. What can I invest in?
  6. What are my trustee responsibilities?

Ongoing Tax Planning is a systematic and detailed approach to assessing on an ongoing basis and especially before the end of a financial year, what tax may be payable and implementing strategies. A tax plan can help to remove any nasty tax surprises, ensure funds are in place to meet any tax obligations and implement any tax reduction strategies if appropriate.