Property Buying Service

Lifetime Property Buyers Agents is a NSW licensed Real Estate (Buyers Agent). We specialise in locating investment properties for clients seeking to grow their wealth over the medium to longer term.

Most people who own investment property only have one. Why is this, when the concept is such a perfect solution to their long-term needs? The answer is that:
They either lack experience, don’t have a clear strategy, or don’t make use of experts, trusting instead their own judgement or the advice of armchair experts who tell them where the next ‘hot spot’ is sure to be. They lack the time for detailed research, and get caught up in all the paperwork, and eventually it all gets too hard. So they don’t pursue more investments, and miss out on the payoff that’s available.

Others look for a simple way out, and either pass control to super funds, or fall for easy solutions that don’t deliver, such as serviced apartments, holiday homes or lifestyle investments.

The good news is, there is a better way

Lifetime Advisers and our Associates are investment property specialists who work closely with us and are so experienced and competent, we’re the only team you’ll ever need.

Imagine if you had access to a group of people who would help you:

  • Research and identify property ‘hotspots’ well in advance
  • Analyse your situation and develop an investment property strategy tailored to meet your financial goals
  • Deliver the most effective ownership structures to minimise tax
  • Handle the bulk of your paperwork
  • Provide a high quality home, in an ideal development, through a top quality builder, in a ‘hot spot’ environment
  • Source the best possible finance options for you
  • Provide you with responsive service and anticipate your every need
  • Do it for you all over again, as many times as you want
  • Give you ongoing support and advice
  • Keep you regularly updated

If you would like to learn more and discuss how Lifetime Advisers can assist you, Contact Us now.

What do we do?

  • We utilise detailed property research and apply quantitative and qualitative analysis to narrow down the search to the most suitable.
  • We liase with local real estate agents as well as property consultants to locate both on and off market properties that may match our client’s needs.
  • We then match potential properties to our client’s stated goals ie growth, income, budget, cashflow, holding costs. etc.
  • We act as Project Managers to assist our clients throughout the purchase process from selection, right through to exchange and then settlement. We liase with our clients solicitors and conveyancers, mortgage brokers, financial planners and accountants to ensure all parties are in communication, kept up to date and the process is as smooth and stress free as possible for our clients. We have a network of like minded property industry professionals we work with clients can access, or choose their own.
  • We also offer ongoing reviews of properties purchased and discounts for repeat client purchases .
  • We welcome referrals from our clients to their friends and family and recognise that without our loyal clients, we don’t have a business.

What our Clients have bought

How are we paid?

We will only ever act for the buyer, so its our clients that pay us. We charge our buyer clients a fee for service which is outlined in our Buyers Agency Agreement.
Interested, please contact us.

Frances Hesse T/A Lifetime Property Buyers Agents , NSW Real Estate Agents License Number 20164428