Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning

A financial planner seeks to understand your financial situation and helps develop a financial plan with recommendations to meet your short and longer term goals. A financial plan known as a Statement of Advice can be simple or very involved and may take into account taxation laws, government regulations and benefits such as aged pensions, as well as resources, your lifestyle and aspirations. All investment and insurance financial product advice is limited to that provided by our licensee in its Approved Product List.
We then monitor and review that plan to ensure it is still applicable to you over time. Quite often changes in your circumstances mean Lifetime Advisers will need to amend it’s advice from time to time. This is the major benefit of becoming a client of Lifetime Advisers. We really want to look after you and your family for life.

How do we Charge?

Lifetime Advisers aim to provide unbiased advice in all aspects of Financial Services. Our staff are highly trained and experienced with strong customer focus and work ethic. We believe we provide an outstanding service which is clearly set out in our Ongoing Service Agreement.
We charge on a fee for service basis and generally any commissions received are offset against these fees wherever possible.
Our initial consultation is currently charged at $110 including GST. For an appointment in our office Contact Us.

Ongoing services can include:

  • Customised Client Seminars
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Regular Client Briefings
  • Client Economic Updates
  • Regular Client investment reviews
  • Access to investments online 24/7
  • Updated website