2015 Client Survey Results

In our 2015 Annual survey to clients, former clients and referrers when asked : “Do you feel there is a benefit to engaging the services of a Financial Planner to improve your financial wellbeing? The responses were over 64% of those surveyed responded with Always, a further 18.6% stating Often and the rest (18.4%) Not Sure. No responses were received in the remaining options of Never or Seldom.

When asked “”How important is it to you that your Financial Planner is not owned by a bank or other financial institution (ie independently licensed), 73% responded with the highest confirmation of Very Important followed by 18% with Important. 9% were Not Sure with no responses received in the remaining options of Don’t Care or Somewhat Important.

The results of these and other questions highlight the ongoing focus of Lifetime Advisers on providing the best possible advice and service and always acting in our clients best interests. All responses were provided anonymously to ensure feedback could be provided openly and honestly.

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